Paul O'Neill 21: Serve Those Who Serve Us

APRIL, 2017

Check out this email we recently received from a veteran of the United States Marine Corps:

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From: O'Neill Promotions
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
To: Jason Black'
Subject: RE: Message from

Jason, we will try to get you the hook up. You deserve it. Thanks for your service to our country. Might take the series in myself.

Be in touch.
Robert O'Neill

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From: Jason Black
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
To: O'Neill Promotions
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To whom it may concern,

First off I am a huge Paul O'neill fan. Just like every other Paul O'neill fan. I have been since my first Cincinnati Reds game in the early 1990's. I remember being angry that day the Reds traded Paul in 1993. How was I going to watch my favorite player while sitting in the right field seats? I decided to follow Paul to the New York Yankees and have been a fan since. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I am currently working in Iraq as a contractor. I will be returning to the "States" on May 9th. I am getting off a plane and driving 2 hours to the Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees game. I will be proudly wearing my Paul O'neill New York Yankees Jersey. If Mr. O'neill, will be in attendance, do you think he'd sign my jersey? Thanks in advance for reading my email. I hope you all have a good day.


Jason Black

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