These days, time is precious but so are childhoods. Paul spends many hundreds of hours a year doing events benefiting charities that serve children, from autism to hospital charities to individual schools all the way up to golf events televised to millions of homes on NBC, the large and the small. Since 1999, O’Neill Promotions has donated well over a thousand items of Paul’s memorabilia to help non-profits raise money for their cause. In short, Paul does way more for charitable causes than the average person. Close to 25% of his public life goes into a multitude of events for charity. One of the most encouraging things, aside from the smiles on kids’ faces, he finds in non-profit undertakings, is meeting and working with like-minded people who correctly share his vision that it is entirely possible to make a better world, that peoples’ drive and goodness are the essential ingredients. What makes us unique as humans is that we can help each other in intricate ways.

Right Field Charities goals:

· To donate Paul’s memorabilia to charity auction events with an emphasis on charities that serve children.
· To donate money to responsible non-profits that primarily serve children.
· To give free advertising to non-profits on Paul's official website.
· To enable Paul to travel to as many charity events as his schedule permits.
· To eventually develop a state-of-the-art baseball facility that heavily subsidizes the spiraling cost of amateur baseball to youth and their parents.


As of 2/9/18, Right Field Charities has donated $121,335 worth of memorabilia to 239 non-profits or people in need and $30,500.00 in cash to various non-profits. Donations can also be made over the phone with Mastercard or Visa. Our tax-exempt Federal Identification Number is 80-0463318. IRS Determination Letter.

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